Lift Off: Startup Lessons from Netflix’s Success

Is Your Startup Doomed? Netflix Wants to Change Your Mind Why do 70% of startups – even the most promising, innovative ones – crash and burn? Netflix, with groundbreaking research it hopes will turn the television industry on its ear, reveals startling insight about why most television series – and your startup – might be doomed before ever lifting off the ground. What separates a wildly successful startup from an abandoned, forgotten project? Like television executives launching the pilot of the next sure hit, business owners with innovative, creative solutions seek to gather traction in a crowded, noisy space. But […]

Ellen Pao Reddit

Brand Wrangling: Ellen Pao vs. the Tao of Reddit

In a classic New Yorker cartoon, a short, round minister stands atop a tall, thin cathedral lectern surrounded by the soaring, narrow columns of the church. One churchgoer whispers to another “The problem is that the reverend doesn’t harmonize with the edifice.” Was Ellen Pao’s departure from Reddit really the result of a philosophical conflict the organization or its members? Or is the real problem a wayward brand running out of control? Ellen Pao’s resignation from Reddit has been chalked up to many things. A malicious user revolt fomented by an ill-planned firing of a much-loved moderator. A conflict with […]


Best PR Productivity Hack? Turn Off Tech

Don’t get us wrong: technology makes our lives better.  But not necessarily all the time…. From terrific industry-specific tools that help us get the job done faster to apps like Uber and Munchery, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways in which technology can make us more productive.  But at the risk of biting the hand that literally feeds us, there’s a lot of time when technology isn’t our friend.  It isn’t just dealing with computer problems, which we’ve heard consume about 20% of our work week.  It’s dealing with the ways technology – particularly mobile technology — continually interrupts our lives, whether working […]