Fix Your Social Media Crisis With These Steps

If major brands like Coca-Cola, DC Comics, and Blackberry slip up and ignite social media rage, with an army of experts crafting and targeting each message, you can bet that you will too at some point in your company’s lifetime. When that tweet gets taken the wrong way and spreads like wildfire, what will you do to protect your brand? Social media offers unparalleled access to your customers, allowing you to form your brand’s image in their minds in real time. But such access to the hearts and minds of your market comes with a price. One bad customer experience, […]

Ellen Pao Reddit

Brand Wrangling: Ellen Pao vs. the Tao of Reddit

In a classic New Yorker cartoon, a short, round minister stands atop a tall, thin cathedral lectern surrounded by the soaring, narrow columns of the church. One churchgoer whispers to another “The problem is that the reverend doesn’t harmonize with the edifice.” Was Ellen Pao’s departure from Reddit really the result of a philosophical conflict the organization or its members? Or is the real problem a wayward brand running out of control? Ellen Pao’s resignation from Reddit has been chalked up to many things. A malicious user revolt fomented by an ill-planned firing of a much-loved moderator. A conflict with […]


Can A Woman’s Voice Shatter Glass?

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, provoked controversy across a wide media swath. She’s been criticized for suggesting that women individually are to blame for their lack of progress in business. But will the lone woman speaking up be enough… or will it take a chorus of women and men to finally shatter the glass ceiling? If it were the 1960’s and Roger Sterling were winking and saying this to me over drinks, that would be understandable. But it’s 2013 and the person winking and saying this is a highly-successful businesswoman. “Well, you know […]


Social Memes & The Harlem Shake

Like everyone else in the nation, we jumped up and down for the Harlem Shake. The dance – described by its 1980’s founder Al B as “an alcoholic shake” – was revived by a group of teens in Australia as a YouTube video, which quickly spawned thousands of similar videos and a wildly popular global Internet meme. But what does its rise and fall tell us about viral content and memes? We’ve all seen the Harlem Shake video and its host of imitators. Each lasts between 30 and 32 seconds and feature part of the 2012 song “Harlem Shake” by […]