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"I work with over 250 marketing agencies every year. I see them in all states of effectiveness and every variation you can imagine. Spiralgroup is quite unique in their commitment to only offering seasoned, senior level staff who have an amazing depth of knowledge. They only work in categories where they can bring an unfair advantage to their clients. That’s impressive and rare."
Drew McLellan,
President, Agency Management Institute
"Hitachi was a new player in the congested XBRL financial reporting market. Within one year, Spiralgroup made us the XBRL industry thought leader—and even had the SEC promoting us!”
Wilson So,
General Manager, Hitachi XBRL Business Unit
“Spiralgroup matched our under-funded startup’s technology to a key strategy for Apple. Spiralgroup helped arrange for Apple to fund our launch, plus placed us center stage at the Chairman’s opening address at Macworld.”
Mark Hilton,
Co-Founder/Vice President of Marketing, Be Here Corporation
"We were a small company launching a new and unknown product. Stuart McFaul and Spiralgroup's guerilla approach to PR helped us steal the limelight in a market occupied by such giants as Google and Microsoft.”
Suranga Chandratillake,
Founder/CEO, Blinkx
“Zacharias Kram, whose tribal carvings are for sale on ImportNow.com, hails from a remote riverside village with no electricity, telephones or running water. Yet he managed to make the rounds of Manhattan, DC and San Francisco in 10 days to greet representatives from some of the biggest media outlets in the world.”
PR Week
“Spiralgroup’s marketing genius created and packaged a brand identity and product offering that took our market by storm leading to our being acquired by AOL/Netscape.”
Anil Godhwani,
Founder, AtWeb and SimplyHired
“What an incredibly smart, incredibly effective organization! We never spent a more valuable dollar than in our engagement with Spiralgroup to position our company and define our marcom strategy.”
Joel Jewitt,
VP of Marketing, Adaptive Media
“I repeatedly work with Spiralgroup because Stuart McFaul is the most ‘outof-the-box’ thinker I know. He approaches every client with a refreshingly unique strategy and secures the best resources in his abundant network to pull it off.”
Lori Dustin,
VP/Marketing, HighRoads and Virtue 3D
“I have worked with branding and messaging experts in multiple countries across consumer and business domains. Stuart McFaul’s ability to understand and distill our company and marketing objectives — then distill them into defensible, clear and concise messaging — is like no one else with whom I have ever worked. His branding efforts are already paying off — in multiples — for Mocana.”
Adrian Turner,
President, Mocana
“So many PR and marketing companies promise the world, then fail to deliver. Spiralgroup delivers what is promised… and often more. If you want no excuses and no bullshit, talk to Stuart.”
Ali Moiz,
Co-Founder/CEO, Peanut Labs and Xuqa.com
“Stuart’s creative marketing approach blew us away. His approach has allowed us to see ourselves in a whole new way, creating new products, sales channels, media and business opportunities we had never imagined.”
Bob Krulik,
Vice President and General Manager, Root Candles
“I have worked with Spiralgroup several times because they provide solutions that always up our game. I can always count on Spiralgroup for unique perspective and insights, creative ideas and novel ways to approach the market.”
Brock Bohonos,
Founder, Veer/Corbis and Gettyworks
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