4 Misconceptions That Keep You From Great PR

Do people know why you’re a cut above the rest? Finding, initiating, and tracking media coverage on your own leaves no time to grow your idea into a thriving business. Are PR and marketing misconceptions keeping you from calling in professionals to get the coverage you deserve? Let’s clear the air, so you can get the help you need and get back to developing products people rave about.

Whether you’re trying to get your brilliant idea out of your mind and into the marketplace, overcoming a sales plateau, or building visibility for your brand, you need coverage. You need folks talking about you to grow your business. When you team up with professionals that know how to brand, market, and engage customers on your behalf, you free yourself to innovate, create, and improve what you offer.

The bottom line is this: marketing is a full-time effort. What’s your story? What’s your position and fit in the marketplace? How crisp and meaningful is your brand message? Professionals save you time by sharpening your message, bringing your vision to reality, and freeing you up to do what you do best. While hiring a firm doesn’t free you from PR work entirely, doing so cleans up your message and makes sure your story gets seen so it resonates with the people who will buy.

Still on the fence? With every business demand pulling you in every direction, it’s understandable that hiring a PR firm might be low on the priority list. But with so much to gain, you deserve honest answers to your reservations before you make that call. So let’s take them one by one.

“It’s too expensive.”

Hiring a PR firm doesn’t break the bank. A skilled firm partners with you to learn your story and the evolution of your business. Once you’re on the same page about where you are and where you’d like to take your business next, you can adjust the scope of your PR campaign to match your budget and current needs.

As your business grows and brand awareness increases, so will your opportunity to scale your marketing efforts accordingly. When you’re trying to break through into a new market, a smaller firm with a smaller scope can help you get noticed without going broke.

Big firms make lots of noise about spraying your message everywhere and going big from the start. That’s not a realistic approach for most small businesses, and it’s not necessary either. At Spiralgroup, we create custom strategies for new businesses that get the ball rolling and build on the results of that exposure. This can be done gradually at a price you can afford.

“It’ll take too much time.”

It’s true that your time commitment to press coverage isn’t over once you enlist the help of a PR firm. For an effective relationship to work, your firm needs access to your data, your story, and your insights. Like any relationship, you get out of it what you put into it.

PR firms aren’t magicians; they’re matchmakers. They aren’t in the business of making a worthless product seem amazing. They work with media to find audiences that would find your story or offer interesting, and tell your story to those outlets.

But consider the alternative. How much time do you have to spend cultivating media lists specific to your industry? How likely are your do-it-yourself pitches to gain any attention or press coverage? Instead, hire experts that are trained to jump in immediately, dig deep to find meaningful angles for the media to latch onto, and make the most of your brand. You’ll save time, get noticed, and win business.

“I’ll lose creative control.”

The right PR firm is your partner, getting your message into the hands of people who can spread it to folks who buy. In fact, you’ll only benefit from a firm if you give them as much insight as you can into your own personal vision, goals, and message. The more you share, the more a firm has to find matches between your vision and the interests of an audience. That’s the coverage you’ll get, and that’s the targeted coverage you want your firm to find.

That means you’re still in complete control of the creative process. Share your vision, and your firm will work to bring that vision to the appropriate audience.

“I can do press releases myself.”

Public relations firms pump life-giving media coverage into your business to amplify your story and make audiences remember you. It’s not enough to submit a press release every now and then, expecting the phone to ring. Do you have the time and expertise to effectively juggle building relationships, establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry, pitching and creating feature stories and news angles – all while maintaining the day-to-day operations of your business? That’s the edge a PR firm gives you.

When a network talks about you and your phone rings, or a customer mentions they read that feature story that talked about you, you’ll never look back. PR firms also offer reputation management, so customers think highly of your product when their need comes to mind. They offer spokesperson training, so the face of your brand comes off as likeable and trustworthy. Without that, your media coverage will fall flat. Without an experienced team of PR experts, you’re throwing darts at a dartboard blindfolded and hoping to hit the bullseye.

What To Do Next

When your company faces a legal issue, you hire a lawyer to sort it all out. When it’s tax time, you probably hire help with that, too. What’s a sharp vision, meaningful coverage, and a brand that resonates worth to your business?

Do you have unlimited time and patience, a huge targeted list of media contacts, a solid grasp of your brand and story, and the creative flair to fit that story into multiple angles so media outlets will want to share it with their audiences?

If not, give us a call, with no risk or obligation. Let’s talk about how Spiralgroup’s unique mix of branding, public relations and social media services can dramatically increase your sales and improve your value.