9 Impossible Things Spiralgroup Has Done For Clients

With unique needs and challenging goals, our clients often ask us to do things that seem impossible. We love these clients for giving us the chance to solve even the hardest marketing problems. Here are some of our favorite high wire acts we’ve pulled off (even without a net).

SpeechBubblesConvinced 40 journalists to maintain a two-week embargo on an industry-changing story

WhistleForced the world’s largest consumer company to retreat after a direct attack to our client

HandshakeSecured commitments from A-List Celebrities for event within 24-hours, on the other side of the globe

TVSent a film crew to a region named “2nd Most Dangerous in the world” by the U.S. State Department

MegaphoneGot head of SEC to become a company’s top salesperson

NewspaperLaunched an unknown start-up company in front of 200+ international tech journalists

StopwatchCreated meaningful brand with available URL for two-syllable name starting with “ZEN”

EyeBrought the Chief of one of the most remote indigenous tribes to Manhattan for press tour

Lightbulb-GreencircleAdded by Smithsonian to permanent archives for program introducing complex tech to consumer market

Learn more about our incredible results and the impossible things we’ve done for our clients from our Case Studies. Or, contact us so we can do something impossible together.