About Our Process

Spiralgroup is a globally–focused integrated brand marketing agency that helps dramatically increase sales and improve the value of technology–based business–to–business (B2B) and business–to–consumer (B2C) companies. We do this through our unique mix of branding, public relations and social media services.

Providing the deep industry experience, extensive vertical market / subject matter expertise and hands-on service of a boutique combined with the capabilities and connections of a large international firm, we have served over 100 clients worldwide. Our clientele range from leading B2B/B2C companies – such as Apple, Cisco, Hitachi, and HP – to privately held high–growth companies, startups, and services firms.

Making You Brilliant

We’ve learned that every client – whether for branding, public relations, or social media — has the same goal: to be brilliant, to be recognized for your genius and shine brighter than your competitors. You aren’t simply a company; you’re an evolving brand. Over the past 15 years, we’ve analyzed the world’s most successful brands – from startup companies to publicly-held multinationals – to determine what you need to do to be exceptional. We’ve used this intelligence to build our proprietary Brilliant™ brand marketing process, which defines your unique brand position and brings your story to vivid life for the people who matter most to your business.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our deep brand marketing expertise is complemented by an extensive global network of vertical market and subject matter experts, from which we hand-pick the right specialists to suit each client engagement. Our people are wildly brilliant: senior-level working professionals – including “untouchables,” such as those employed by competitors or top-ranking national journalists – who can turbocharge your success through their specific know-how and connections.

Focus on Real Influence™

Powerful brand marketing motivates key influencers… but are you influencing the right people? Our Real Influence™ model analyzes and segments your target audience into four distinct groups — opinion influencers, social influencers, business influencers and purchase influencers—to prioritize and focus your marketing strategy on the people who make you money and grow your business. By addressing each influencer group’s unique needs and concerns in your branding, public relations and social media efforts, you become the one the influencers want to know, resulting in the positive attention and revenue you desire.

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Meet Our Team

From a two-week event prep to a 2-year product lifecycle, Spiralgroup can fulfill whatever unique marketing needs your company has. For companies with more exhaustive needs, Spiralgroup President Stuart McFaul can join your team as an acting CMO and tailor his group of skilled marketing and PR experts to the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. For companies that need key positions filled quickly or temporarily, Spiralgroup's flexible team can transition in and out of a variety of marketing roles in whatever capacity you need them. Meet the Spiralgroup Team here