Case Studies

1 M

Tune ups in 60 days


Months from launch to acquisition

$250 M


AtWeb/Web Site Garage Case Study




AtWeb developed a raw software with no sales or distribution strategy aside from their intention to sell the technology on a hard copy disk.


In a time before formal SaaS, when software branding was focused on complexity and process, we positioned AtWeb’s technology as a service- focusing on simplicity, benefits and results. To showcase AtWeb’s tech, we created, designed and promoted Web Site Garage, an online website tune-up service, where visitors could “park their website” and get it diagnosed just like a car at a mechanic’s garage.


Web Site Garage conducted over one million Web site tune-ups in its first 60 days. The company was purchased within nine months by Netscape, which was then acquired by AOL. AOL cited the powerful Web Site Garage brand as a one of the main reasons for the Netscape acquisition.

“Spiralgroup’s marketing genius created and packaged a brand identity and product offering that took our market by storm. After we were acquired by AOL/Netscape, we looked for the opportunity to work with Stuart again… and did with our new startup SimplyHired.” —Anil Godhwani, Founder, AtWeb and SimplyHired