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Journalists attending company launch

$250 K

Marketing support from Apple

Be Here Corporation Case Study


Virtual Reality


Be Here Corporation was a developer of a panoramic 360-degree camera lens technology which was a solution in search of a problem. The company was underfunded and they didn’t know how they could implement their proto-VR technology in a market that had yet to catch up with them.


Spiralgroup negotiated with Apple to fund the launch of Be Here Corporation, because we established that Be Here’s technology was an excellent proof point for Apple’s soon-to-be-introduced Quicktime VR (Virtual Reality). We negotiated with Apple to build a customized website using Be Here technology and to highlight Be Here in their MacWorld keynote address.


Apple spent in excess of $250,000 to produce these and other associated Be Here- focused events. The 10-minute introduction to Be Here in the Macworld opening address led to immediate coverage on CNN and other national news stations. Within weeks, Be Here was chartered by The Associated Press to shoot the upcoming presidential inauguration. Spiralgroup set up more than 140 interviews within the year, providing the greatest breadth of coverage of any company in their industry. Be Here’s technology gained the attention of Google and became the core of Google Street View.

“Spiralgroup matched our under-funded startup’s technology to a key strategy for Apple. Spiralgroup helped arrange for Apple to fund our launch, plus placed us center stage at the Chairman’s opening address at Macworld.” —Mark Hilton, Co-Founder/Vice President of Marketing, Be Here Corporation