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Blinkx Case Study




London-based Blinkx, a small search engine company with limited resources was a latecomer to a field dominated by Google, but wanted to launch in the United States.


To launch in the US, we positioned Blinx as the underdog Anti-Google, building antipathy within the tech community, while branding the product as a way to “find” rather than “search.” We were tactical about early interviews, earning high praise from Om Malik who said after his first viewing of Blinkx: “I had a tingling sensation, when I saw Google and thought to myself – ‘well this shit is going to be huge.’… I got the same tingling sensation today, when I met with a little known search engine, no scratch that, search agent company called BlinkX.”


Within days, over 5000 blog discussions took place about Blinkx, leading to standalone coverage in the Boston Globe, BusinessWeek, InformationWeek, Newsweek, Reuters and the San Jose Mercury. The launch was so successful that a major business publication suggested Blinkx’s biggest problem might be “too much good publicity.” Blinkx achieved its goal of over one million downloads a year ahead of schedule.

“We were a small company launching a new and unknown product. Stuart McFaul and Spiralgroup’s guerilla approach to PR helped us steal the limelight in a market occupied by such giants as Google and Microsoft.” —Suranga Chandratillake, Founder/CEO, Blinkx