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Hitachi America Case Study




Hitachi America asked Spiralgroup to establish for them a leadership position within the industry to attract CFOs of publicly-held companies as potential customers for their financial reporting technology. However, Hitachi was a newcomer to a space already dominated by many leaders and the small Hitachi business unit had a limited budget with no internal marketing or sales force.


Spiralgroup created Data Interactive, a Hitachi-sponsored blog that acted as an online magazine for news, information and commentary about XBRL and its progress. To create the best environment for smart conversation, we brought in an experienced bilingual tech editor, developed provocative articles, and solicited articles from industry leaders.


The blog became so popular among XBRL leaders that when interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, SEC chairman Christopher Cox cited Data Interactive as the only place to visit for news and opinion in XBRL. Our companion book “XBRL for Dummies” was promoted by Cox as “proof that XBRL has arrived” and is considered the must-have reference for every CFO in the US. Within a year we took the division from complete obscurity to having the most ubiquitous presence with financial professionals of any player in the industry.

“Hitachi was a new player in the congested XBRL financial reporting market. Within one year, Spiralgroup made us the XBRL industry thought leader—and even had the SEC promoting us!” —Wilson So, General Manager, Hitachi XBRL Business Unit