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Articles in one week


Months from rebrand to bidding war

$2.4 B


3PAR Case Study


Network Storage


3PAR was already operating successfully at $60M/year when they came to us, but could not garner any attention in what was considered the traditionally “boring” and uneventful industry of network storage.


We launched a rebrand and refreshed their messaging by highlighting how 3PAR’s network storage was the secret behind making cloud computing work. We formulated our case using as a proof point how 3PAR was doing all the backend processing for every financial institution in the world, with every transaction going through 3par servers.


This positioning resulted in a burst of positive media coverage— 5500 articles in one week— catching the attention of Dell and HP, which were seeking more robust cloud computing storage solutions. Their interest led to a frenzied bidding war, resulting in 3PAR’s acquisition by HP for $2.4 billion. Industry blogger Dan Gilmoor credited 3PAR’s “brilliant” cloud positioning as a major reason for attracting the attention of the major companies.