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Rhodia Case Study


Green Energy


Rhodia, a French chemical company operating in China, needed a global brand and trademark for a new product: a chemical process that conserves the rare element phosphor, which is used in the manufacture of lighting. Research revealed that phosphor’s rarity caused industry concern over the demand for energy- efficient lighting and China is the only source of the element. The product needed to meet a seemingly impossible set of branding criteria: be product specific, have an available global trademark; and play well in China and Europe to show respect for its origin.


We implemented a massive multi-national research initiative using global business development and marketing experts to create an irrefutable branding dossier that would meet and exceed all stakeholder demands.


We positioned Rhodia and its process as the result of a successful trail-blazing partnership with China to help meet global demand for green energy-efficient lighting, putting both China and Rhodia on the global stage as eco-conservation leaders. The new brand name – MorningStar – supports the brand allusions goals as an alternate name for the god Phosphor, and as the star that rises in the East to bring the world into a new day. The branding effort was grounded in the ancient history of the element while also giving the company a tool to show respect as a true partner with China.