9 Impossible Things Spiralgroup Has Done For Clients

With unique needs and challenging goals, our clients often ask us to do things that seem impossible. We love these clients for giving us the chance to solve even the hardest marketing problems. Here are some of our favorite high wire acts we’ve pulled off (even without a net). Convinced 40 journalists to maintain a two-week embargo on an industry-changing story Forced the world’s largest consumer company to retreat after a direct attack to our client Secured commitments from A-List Celebrities for event within 24-hours, on the other side of the globe Sent a film crew to a region named “2nd […]

4 Misconceptions That Keep You From Great PR

Do people know why you’re a cut above the rest? Finding, initiating, and tracking media coverage on your own leaves no time to grow your idea into a thriving business. Are PR and marketing misconceptions keeping you from calling in professionals to get the coverage you deserve? Let’s clear the air, so you can get the help you need and get back to developing products people rave about. Whether you’re trying to get your brilliant idea out of your mind and into the marketplace, overcoming a sales plateau, or building visibility for your brand, you need coverage. You need folks talking […]

5 Elements Of A Successful Product Launch

Think your product launch will beat the odds? 75% of launches fail to gain any traction in the marketplace. When respected, well-known brands launch products that flop, how can you give yourself a shot? Don’t settle for a haphazard launch that’s doomed to fail. An amazing product isn’t enough, but these five things give your launch the altitude to rise above the rest. A Story Every successful brand or product has a story – a way to connect with people that resonates. In a world where information rushes at us faster than the speed of light, much of that noise […]