Never Start Your Company Rebrand Without These 4 Steps

Your company rebrand offers more than a fresh coat of paint on an old look. A thoughtful rebrand sets you apart from the competition for the right reasons, but a haphazard approach could spell disaster. If your products have changed over time, you’re using outdated design, or you’re attracting the wrong audience to hear your message, it may be time for a new customer experience.

Not sure where to begin? Get laser-focused with these 4 steps from the Spiralgroup Team.

Recognize What Didn’t Work About Your Brand

It’s not enough to know that your prospects aren’t responding to your message, or to recognize that you’re attracting the wrong audience. Your rebrand won’t make any difference until you understand what your target market wants and why you’re uniquely positioned to give it to them.

Before you launch your rebrand, take a step back and be honest with yourself:

  • Does your brand promise anything worthwhile, or is it just a logo and business name?
  • Do you understand the people that consume your product or service?
  • Are you speaking their language?
  • Are you offering something your audience considers valuable or necessary?
  • Are you delivering something your competition can’t match?
  • Have you delivered on the promises your brand makes?
  • Have innovations left your product in the dust?
  • Does your team understand how to manage a brand effectively?
  • Do you drastically cut marketing spending when economic downturns make sales fall?
  • Is the difference maker between you and your competition a cliche, or is it a real game-changer?

Everyone says they’re the “best in quality” and provide service that’s “second to none.” And your audience knows when you’re phoning it in. The point of your brand is to clearly state why you’re different and why that matters. Don’t skimp on this step, or your rebrand won’t impact your business or your audience.

Specify What You Want To Do Better

Too many companies want their brands to reflect some idealized, perfected image of themselves. As a consequence, their brands acquire no texture, no character and no public trust. – Richard Branson     

Take the information you gathered in the soul-searching you did above, and turn your gaze forward. How are you going to give your brand a facelift without making yourself unrecognizable to your current customers? How will your new marketing efforts bridge the gap between how people see you now and how they should see you?

As you work through the process of crafting your fresh marketing message, consider this:

  • Where do you see your brand in three years? More importantly, how do you want your customers to feel about your brand in three years?
  • What are you going to promise, so that your customers feel that way about your brand?
  • How will you deliver on that promise, in a way no others in your space can match?
  • How does your customer experience a greater quality of life because of the promise you’re delivering on?

A rebrand is pointless unless you’re promising something worthwhile. No slogan or logo gains space in the hearts and minds of your audience unless it comes with an irresistible offer that makes lives better.

Your new brand needs to paint a picture to your team, too. When your team sees the vision of your brand’s promise, you’ll think, work, plan, and act in ways that lead you in the direction of fulfilling that vision.

So, what’s your direction? What’s not working yet with your current marketing message? What’s your vision for taking it to the next level, so your team drives toward it and customers flock toward you?

Move on Data Rather Than Hunches

Make every detail perfect, and limit the number of details to perfect. – Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder of Twitter

Don’t let incorrect hunches cost you thousands of dollars. Vision is vital, but it’s not enough. How do you limit the number of details you need to perfect in your rebranding? Testing.

Once you’re clear about what’s not working and what you want your brand to promise, you need tangible data to support moving forward with confidence.

Here’s what you need to know so you get the facts and leave your costly hunches in the dust:

  • Done right, A/B testing gives you real, actionable market data to hone your message and sharpen your brand. Often, a single design element or slight variation in phrasing produces a dramatically different motivation to buy in your audience.
  • Make sure you’re testing for things that make the user experience better. What does the journey through your sales process look like and feel like to your customers? How’d they find you, and which way is easiest? What do users expect to see, and how easily can they find it with your messaging?
  • For your A/B tests to produce actionable results, you need significant traffic. Not getting the traffic you need? Focus here first, so you can get meaningful results from testing and feedback from the market on what your brand should communicate.
  • Test your sales emails, web copy, search ads, and any other marketing communication with a simple goal: to find out what matters most to your market. What’s resonating with them about your offer, and what falls flat? Before you rebrand, listen to your market first. You might be surprised at what you hear.

There is no shortcut to the insights you need, unless you hire an experienced marketing and PR firm to handle your rebrand. Not sure where to begin? Call us, and we’ll make you the thought leader in your industry with an irrisistible promise that launches your brand to new heights.

Plan How You’ll Explain the Rebrand to Your Existing Audience

In 2011, Netflix decided it was time to jettison the DVD-renting portion of its business. To facilitate this, it announced the inception of Qwikster – separating its streaming business from its DVD-renting fanbase.

What was supposed to be a fresh approach quickly became a PR nightmare. The result? Customers now needed two separate accounts for the same service instead of one, with two separate statements and a 60% higher cost overall.

How’d it go? Netflix nixed Qwikster before it ever got off the ground. But not before they lost 800,000 subscribers.

While expanding your brand to reach new heights and larger audiences, don’t leave your loyal fans behind. Make sure your existing customer base doesn’t feel alienated by new messaging that crowds them out.

Don’t forget the reason your brand exists: to express your company’s values and evoke an emotional connection with customers who share those values. Don’t change so much that you sweep away the goodwill you’ve created with customers who already like you and trust you.

Not sure if it’s time for your company to rebrand? Get in touch for a free, instant assessment of your branding, public relations, social media and digital marketing. Let us help you stand out from the noise, steal the limelight, and be brilliant.