Our Brilliant™ brand marketing process defines brand positioning and messaging to ensure it is believable and compelling across four dimensions: words, images, standards and behavior. We determine your Core Brilliance™, a central brand concept that shows what makes you awesome in a manner so genuine, smart and exciting that it cuts through the media noise to grab the interest of your key influencers.

Public Relations

Pivoting around your Core Brilliance, public relations brings your story to life. We build a rock-solid base of support by initially curating, engaging and winning over the right set of influencers, then continue to demonstrate your genius through a steady “heartbeat” of news, information, and one-to-one engagement that cements you as a market leader and attracts higher revenue and investment.

Social Engagement

Brilliant social engagement enlivens your branding efforts with face-to-face social opportunities and social media to ensure you maximize your potential for influencing the right people. We build upon the awareness generated by public relations to connect 1:1 with your key targets via social media, speaking opportunities, industry shows and conferences, and private and public networking events, ranging from small private dinners to large sponsored events

Digital Marketing

We provide a full complement of web and mobile-focused digital marketing services, including website, mobile and app design, search engine strategies and program management, website optimization, lead generation programs, and digital (and traditional) advertising and sponsorships. Because our clients’ needs vary, we offer a spectrum of alternatives, ranging from cost-efficient offerings targeted to startups to enterprise-grade solutions.

Marketing Management

Spiralgroup is often retained as a fully-outsourced “marketing department” for our clients, with a level of economy superior to working with a solo marketing consultant. Our senior-level team offers over 100 years of combined marketing management experience and a vast network of business connections that cross all disciplines, from marketing and sales to engineering and product development.