What Has Serving Over 200 Clients Taught Us?

Serving clients from all over the globe has taught us one very simple truth.  When we separate out the winners from the near-winners (or the losers), we have found that companies that matter approach business in a very specific way: their mission is to not just build a company, but to build a brand.

Brands behave very differently than run-of-the mill companies. Over the years, we have distilled these behaviors into a marketing framework we call The Brilliant Principles™.  We work with clients to help institutionalize these principles, not just into marketing efforts, but into every part of the organization. By living these principles on a daily basis, the company regularly outshines its competition on multiple fronts, achieving the leadership and notoriety they seek.

These principles include:

  • Genuine: Do your actions align with your genuine and distinct brand and never go contrary to what it stands for?
  • Distinct: Can you be easily distinguished from your competition by your words, images, standards and behavior?
  • Visible: Are you actively seeking opportunities to connect with your target markets in ways that allow you to carry out the Brilliant Principles?
  • Vibrant: Do you live your brand with your actions fostering the impression that you are engaged, energetic and dynamic?
  • Relevant: Are you current and pertinent to your target markets’ real interests? Are you participating in their zeitgeist?
  • Smart: Are you thoughtfully participating in and leading the conversation, making everyone better and wiser from the contributions you make?
  • Generous: Are you truly making a contribution that benefits your target markets or their industries?
  • Consistent: Do you only do things that align with your consistent and distinct brand and never go contrary to what it stands for?
  • Long-Lasting: Are you committed to the principles that define your brand and will carry them forward over the long- term?

The Brilliant Principles are easy to learn, which is why we are listing them here.  However, enacting them is the greater challenge and one that requires the guidance by senior, experienced people (such as Spiralgroup) to bring them successfully to life .  By helping companies successfully implement The Brilliant Principles, we have reached such seemingly-unachievable goals as creating a brand for a new dinnerware startup (yes, one that makes dishes) that resulted in them being lauded by the housewares industry as the most innovative company in the business and compelling Walmart to want to buy the brand.  You can read the case study here.